beautiful and functional public seating
for the Ryan Center for the Musical Arts

is a multi-functional public seating piece. Viewed from the side, it is in the shape of a quarter rest and serves as an aesthetic point of interest for the otherwise empty lobby.

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After I presented at the 2016 Fall Design Expo, the Segal Design Institute featured Rest in their project gallery. Read the full article here.

In creating this project, my partner, Isabel, and I worked together in conducting user interviews and research.  We laser-cut and assembled corregated cardboard layers to build the prototype and I used Photoshop to create in-context renderings.

cardboard seating

Isabel and I created a public seating piece for the Ryan Center for the Musical Arts out of only corregated cardboard.  Since this space is shared by students, faculty, and the public, we decided that our design must not only be multi-functional public seating that meets the needs of different users, but also a beautiful work of art that fits the overall aesthetic of the space.

user research

Through interviews and observations, we learned that students and professors often use the lobby as a meeting point or work space.  While the lobby functions well for these purposes, many individuals expressed a desire for furniture to sit or write on.

prototypes and models

Our prototype is 1/16th scale and made from layered, corrugated cardboard.  For future iterations, we hope to first make a full scale model of cardboard and experiment with different types of metal or wood to find the best in terms of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.